2016 eLearning Showcase

Introducing The Learning Portal

Presented by: Tanis Fink, Director, Seneca Libraries,

Collaborators: Virginia Roy, Executive Director of Ontario Colleges Library Service and Anabella Arcaya, e-Learning and Academic Application Systems Analyst

Ontario College library and learning centre staff have joined their efforts in supporting students learning through distance education, by developing a suite of online tools. The Learning Portal is a shared platform of online resources, services and materials, which support the delivery of the breadth of Ontario college academic courses/programs offered online (including blended instruction). This short talk will provide participants with an overview of the project, its goals, as well as identify milestones accomplished thus far.


Library Resources and Services Seamlessly Integrated into the Learning Management System

Presented by: Marg Sloan, Assistant Librarian,  Roxanne Isard, General Librarian, and  Jim Seale, Co-op Student

Western Libraries Research Guides were integrated into the University’s learning management system (LMS) in September 2016. Dedicated time and effort by system staff from the library and the University’s IT department resulted in the ability for the library’s Spring Share account to “talk” to the LMS. Students now have easy access to an appropriate Research Guide in their course site. Librarians can also opt to bring a course guide or multiple research guides to one course site depending upon the needs of the course. Feedback from one professor revealed that student papers had improved in the summer term during a soft launch of this integration.

We will share our experiences – specifically if students are using our Research Guides more this fall then last fall. Detail what statistics are telling us about this integration – are students accessing our guides more readily from their course site instead of from our website? In addition, we will share survey results of individual courses that reveal what students and faculty think of this integration. Libraries seek methods for engaging students in the use of their resources and services. We expect that this integration will result in finding a new method for attaining this goal.


How accessible are online tutorials?

Presented by: Joanne Oud, Instructional Technology Librarian, Wilfrid Laurier University

Database vendors create online instructional tutorials for libraries, but are they accessible enough for us to use? This session will highlight results of a project to test vendor-created tutorials for accessibility, including:

  • Criteria and methods for evaluating online tutorial accessibility
  • Areas where tutorials scored well • Which vendors have accessible tutorials
  • Areas where tutorials scored badly
  • Lessons for librarians on what to focus on when trying to create accessible tutorials


Library Quest: An interactive mobile orientation

Presented by: Aliya Dalfen, Liaison Librarian, Humber Libraries

Have you ever wanted to take large classes into the library for orientation but worry about creating pandemonium? How do you hold an active, one-shot-library instruction session for over 100 students, in under 50 minutes?

Using a program called Edventure Builder, Humber Libraries has created an online Library Quest, allowing multitudes of students to explore the ins-and-outs of library resources, services and supports using their mobile devices at the same time. In teams of 2-3, this scavenger hunt-type activity is intended to help students discover that the library is as much about online research skills as it is about finding books in the stacks. With large classes in mind, Library Quest is designed to stagger students throughout the digital and physical library landscape at various times, to ensure disturbances are minimized in the library.

Learn about the successes and challenges in this fully mobile and interactive eLearning orientation, and about Edventure Builder, a program that makes the creation of library games a distinct possibility, even for amateur techies.


First Steps in eLearning at the Toronto Public Library

Presented by: Mary-Beth Armina, Senior Services Specialist – Information Services, Toronto Public Library

In this mini presentation we will discuss Toronto Public Library’s eLearning experiences so far. Hear about Richview, Maria A. Schchuka and North York Central Library’s attempts at blended learning hosted either by librarians or topic experts. Hear about our eResources and plans for the future. We’ll also talk about how we’ve launched our video conferencing capabilities to bring big name events happening in downtown Toronto out to the suburbs and beyond!


BRYT: An Online Business Research Toolkit

Presented by: Stephanie Quail, Business Librarian, York University

York University’s Peter F. Bronfman Business Library is currently developing a toolkit of online resources to teach students how to conduct company, industry, marketing, finance, accounting, and taxation research. This presentation will cover the first year of development of the project and how York’s institutional leads used curriculum mapping and user needs analysis techniques to develop BRYT (Business Research at York Toolkit). Session participants will learn how the project leads created an eLearning toolkit that blends instructional YouTube videos, PDF resources, and Guide on the Side tutorials to create a series of relevant, easily digestible learning bites for York students. Check out BRYT today: http://bryt.library.yorku.ca/.