2016 Workshops

1A & 2A – Fast and Furiously Bad Videos

Caleb Domsy, Humber College; Jennifer Peters, Seneca College
Research indicates that short, high-energy, informal videos with the instructor on camera are the most engaging for students. Take the leap, become a YouTube star, and put yourself on camera! Come to this session to learn how to stop over-planning your videos and increase student engagement by making bad videos quickly. We will experiment with the technology inside the Toronto Reference Libraries’ Digital Innovation Hub to film and post our videos to YouTube.

1B – Rapid eLearning Development with LibWizard Tutorials

Agnieszka Gorgon, Seneca College
LibWizard Tutorials is a platform that enables development of interactive, media rich, self-directed modules and assessments. Learn how to work with LibWizard Tutorials, and discover possibilities for integrating this robust tool as part of your elearning toolkit.


1C – How to Design E-Learning Objects on a Timeline

Juliene McLaughlin; Kailey Brisbin, University of Guelph
Learn how to create digestible and informative e-learning objects in a flash. Participants will be guided through a series of hands-on activities from content synthesis to peer feedback through to a production-ready e-learning object.

1D – Articulate Storyline Rookie Training Camp

Jodi Marr, Markham Public Library
Learn how to use Articulate Storyline 2 to create dynamic and engaging eLearning courses for your staff or customers. Begin using the basic tools in Articulate Storyline to build an eLearning course that includes quizzes and screen captures.


1E – Designing Accessible Learning Objects From the Ground Up

Jennifer Thiessen, Brock University
Are you thinking about accessibility as you plan your learning objects? All too often we are scrambling to add accessible elements after learning objects and video tutorials have already been designed and created. In this session, we will explore and try out some best practices for building accessibility into learning objects from the start.


1F – Strategic Planning: Proactive Approaches to E-Learning

Jack Young, McMaster University
This workshop will help you integrate strategic planning into your library’s e-learning practice.  By dissecting real-life examples and engaging in small-group discussion, participants will acquire the skills and inspiration necessary to develop a proactive e-learning plan for their own library.  Already have a strategy in place, or in the process of developing one?  Bring it along and add to the discussion!


2B -Socrative: Bears, Bees & Bicycles Race for Information Literacy!

Claire Wollen, Sheridan College
Learn how you can use Socrative – a free, easy to use web-based tool – to teach, assess & engage your students in fun online quizzes and team races. You’ll participate in a Socrative team challenge, create your first Socrative quiz, & review reports.


2C – Get Active in Your Online Instruction

Diane Michaud, University of Toronto
Show and share/group discussion on active learning in online instruction.
Topics include:
• the right balance between demonstration/explanation/activity
• making explanations more visually engaging
• designing a fully accessible interactive tutorial

2D – Articulate Storyline: Advanced Features

Anh Lam, D. Connor McKinnon, Seneca College
Looking to boost your AS2 skills? Then this workshop is for you!  Join us for an interactive skills building session where participants will be will introduced to some of the advanced features of AS2 that will compliment and enhance their design skills.  Topics include:  Default Settings, Template Libraries, States and Variables, and Accessible Design.   This workshop is geared towards those who have a basic working knowledge of Articulate Storyline 2.

Pre-Survey for Session Attendees

2E – Captioning and DIY Accessibility

Madeleine Crew, Sheridan College
Learn how to caption videos using Amara and YouTube, use various websites to provide a barrier-free classroom to your students.


2F – Virtual Reality

Namir Ahmed, Ryerson U.
Ryerson Library is using new technologies to bring content alive. Come experience how the Library and the Digital Media Experience have been experimenting with these new possibilities.